Elevation DC Magazine: ‘Netflix for the global black community’ to debut in May from Alexandria-based entrepreneur

DeShuna Spencer, a resident of Alexandria, Va. and founder of emPower Magazine, is in the running to win $50k through Women Who Tech’s Women Startup Challenge. On the line is an opportunity to grow her latest venture that may revolutionize the way African Americans consume media. kweliTV is an interactive, streaming network offering on-demand indie […]

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Technical.ly DC: DeShuna Spencer is building kweliTV, a streaming network featuring black voices

I was featured in an article by Technical.ly DC about my new start-up, kweliTV. Check it out: DeShuna Spencer has a pretty good idea of what programs she wants to host on kweliTV, a stealth-mode streaming network aimed at black audiences. There will be independent films, from Nigeria perhaps. There will be news, black fashion, up-and-coming performers, […]

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Washington Informer Feature: Millennials Lead ‘Black Out’ During MLK Holiday

I was interviewed for an article by The Washington Informer about my new business venture, kweliTV, being chosen to receive free marketing services from young professionals in the DC area during MLK Holiday service project. Check it out: DeShuna Spencer shared Adofo’s sentiments. Spencer, a journalist and filmmaker, visited Sankofa in the hopes of developing […]

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Why #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Teaches A Great Lesson on Black Stereotypes

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousands words; but is it really? After Trayvon Martin’s murder in 2012 finally made national news after pressure from the public, depending on the media outlet, you saw two versions of Trayvon: the “typical American teenager” photo that showed a smiling Trayvon being embraced by his […]

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What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

I went to an entrepreneurship conference a few weeks ago and a workshop leader asked each attendee to pick a partner and look at each other in the eye. One person’s role was to talk about their business goals, while the other person listened. Every time the person with the aspirations spoke, the other’s job […]

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How Many Souls Are Attached To Your Purpose?

I wish I could say that I thought of the title of this essay myself. I didn’t. It came from a young woman giving an acceptance speech a few weeks prior during the Advancement Project’s awards ceremony honoring the work she and others are doing with the civil rights group, The Dream Defenders. Actually, while […]

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Blacks Are Far From Being “Takers,” Actually We’re Most Likely To Give

When Rancher Cliven Bundy questioned whether or not blacks were better off as slaves “picking cotton” because we’re “basically on government subsid[ies]” aborting our children and shipping our young men to jail, I’m sure he wasn’t aware of the 2012 study that showed that African-Americans are more charitable than any other racial group in America. […]

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What If 230 Girls Were Kidnapped From A School In the U.S.?

What if more than 200 middle school girls were kidnapped from a school in the United States, Canada or even South Korea? What would the reaction be? Massive, I would assume. The coverage would dominate most national news networks much like the missing Malaysian airplane. We would know each girl’s name, her likes and hobbies. […]

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