LA Times: Q&A For kweliTV, streaming (black content) is the new black

With the rise of platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, streaming content is the new black. But streaming can also, itself, be black. That, at least, is the goal of kweliTV, a Web-based subscription service that champions the stories by and about the global black community. Their motto: “Preserving the African Diaspora.” “The actual owners of […]

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Diary of a (Mad) Black Woman Without VC Funding

Recently, Fast Company published “Black, Female Funding Stories,” an article that chronicled two of the 11 black female founders who have raised $1 million in funding. As a black female founder, I was eager to dive into how these women were able to pull off what most of us have not been able to do. […]

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Black Girl Nerds: kweliTV – Internet TV Streaming For Us

Take the word Africa. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Famine? Warlords? AIDS? Without thinking, what comes to mind when you hear the words “Black America”? Welfare? Poverty? Anger? Fatherless? Thug? The black community is all too familiar with these stereotypes. What they also know is that they do not make up […]

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DeShuna Spencer Wins $20,000 NewU/Ford Foundation Grant for kweliTV

The New U: News Entrepreneurs Working through UNITY project announced today that its two 2014 seed grant winners have been selected based on a weighted judges vote (90%) combined with a crowd-sourced peer vote (10%). After the public vote concluded, a panel of esteemed, anonymous industry judges reviewed all candidates’ submissions and revised video pitches, […]

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