I think there comes a time in most people’s lives when they feel God nudging them to do more, to say be and to be more. As I near the end of my 20s, I feel that now is my time to do something grand. I’m not exactly sure what it will be because I am unable to predict the future, but I am certain it will be tied to my gift of writing. I feel I am being driven to a higher place, a long journey even I can’t understand, but I know it is a trip I must take.

When I tell people what my dreams are, what I feel that God has placed on my heart to do, most of them think I am literally dreaming–daydreaming that is–and probably out of my mind.

So you’re asking, what are your dreams? They are to use the words and thoughts that come from the depths of my soul to uplift, inspire and celebrate the African-American community, whether it is through a song, a novel, a magazine article, a poem, a short story or a film.

I have begun to start on some of my projects. Currently, I am writing revisions for my novel, Rebirth, which I hope to start sending to literary agents this fall. Also, I am starting a magazine called emPower, which will be a news, political and social publication geared to African-Americans. It will be online in 2008 and printed in 2009. And whenever a poem or a song comes to me, I write. Whenever a major issue dealing with African-Americans comes up in the media, I write. And quite frankly, even when nothing seems to come out of me literary, I write anyway. It is my calling, it is my gift, it is my life.

What is God nudging you to do?

DeShuna Spencer
emPower magazine/Liu Karama Productions   

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