DeShuna Spencer, a resident of Alexandria, Va. and founder of emPower Magazine, is in the running to win $50k through Women Who Tech’s Women Startup Challenge. On the line is an opportunity to grow her latest venture that may revolutionize the way African Americans consume media.

kweliTV is an interactive, streaming network offering on-demand indie films, web shows, documentaries, historical & educational content and news programming. Sounds a little like Netflix, right? Almost, except the platform is produced by and caters to the global black community.

The idea to start the platform came after Spencer observed the ways in which people of color and African descent are portrayed in the media. “If you were to watch cable and traditional TV shows, you’d see [black] women fighting each other on reality TV. If you see black men, they’re in the news as criminals. You can even go beyond that to the continent of Africa and see a lot of negative stereotypes, making people think of someone who’s from Africa as living in extreme poverty or extreme hunger,” says Spencer, who’s originally from Memphis, TN. “That’s not the true makeup of the African diaspora.”

Read the entire article on Elevation DC Magazine.

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