Too Much Murder—Too Much Silence

On yesterday, The Washington Post featured the story of Aaron Leon Teeter, a young man who was changing his life. Nineteen-year-old Teeter—like a number of brothas living in jobless, drug-infested inner city communities—spent his teenage years in juvenile detention centers on drug violations. But after entering Earth Conservation Corps, a federal youth program that offers […]

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Hip-Hop CEO Cleans Up His Act

Master P has followed the path of Rapper Chamillionaire by ditching the usage of vulgar language, including the n-word, in his future projects. According to, the No Limit CEO, Percy "Master P" Miller, wants to begin transforming the image of his record label and the hip-hop industry by producing street songs without negative lyrics. […]

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Video of the Week: The School of Rap

With the monotonous rap albums record labels are producing these days, it almost seems as if music companies are literally breeding these artists. The lyrics are promoting the same messages, which are to get: money, whips (cars), hoes, grills, ice (bling). By now, we all know that record companies are calling the real shots in […]

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Mayweather’s Madness

Ever since Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Pretty Boy Floyd) began his ego-driven, macho verbiage to contender Oscar De La Hoya (The Golden Boy), the May 5th match became a field day for sports reporters looking for raw boxing controversy and an opportunity for boxing promoters to revive a sport that some say is slowly losing interest. […]

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Poetic Friday–Free Day

Free Day By DeShuna Spencer Oh what a joy it would be, to travel back to the day of jubilee when my ancestors first learned they were free. To watch them dance and sashay around, to their rhythmic Negro sound of bliss and melodic spiritual profound. While laboring in the field, noon sun beaming, harvest […]

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Imus Strikes Back

Don Imus—the cowboy hat wearing, scurrilous-tongued former radio show host—is not going to go down without a fight. According to, Imus has hired a top First Amendment lawyer to sue CBS over a clause in his contract, which could give him a $40 million payday if he wins. The article states that the dispute: […]

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Blaming It All On Hip Hop

Can we really blame all of the inner city’s ills on Hip Hop? Since Hip Hop’s conception, lyrics have always been raw, in your face and crude. It has always made a certain class of people feel uncomfortable and threatened. It is a music that has transcended from one generation to the next. Hip Hop […]

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If You Could Wave A Magic Wand In The Black Community…

Tom Brokaw asked the question above to a young woman during a series on race in America entitled: "Separate and Unequal." Brokaw spent some time in Jackson, Miss., interviewing citizens—particularly in one community near Lanier High School—on the current condition and possible future of the Black community. I'll get to her response later. During the […]

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Black Leaders Are Waking Up

I uttered "Thank God" to myself after reading that Russell Simmons has started to take a stand against the negative music that is pumped into the minds of young Black people. He and other top music execs had a private closed door meeting on last week following the Don Imus incident that forced Black America—especially […]

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Don’t Snitch: Getting Away With Murder

This evening, 60 Minutes did a segment on "Don’t Snitch," the inner city rule were residents, who have witnessed a crime, do not to tell on fellow residents when questioned by law enforcement. I understand that some people do not come forward to police because they are afraid of getting killed for cooperating. There have […]

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