Hi Fam,

I have decided to dedicate Fridays to poetry; so check back frequently to read my poems and other writings.

By DeShuna Spencer

I write to survive. My poetic flow gives me the will to stay alive in this world that is slowly decaying ever day around me; its beauty and innocence are cracking and washing away down a raged stream.

I write so I will not go mad from the zombie-minded people who cross my mental path; I pray that their closed eyes and relaxed attitudes will soon pass because there is too much suffering to let sleepy minds last.

I write to live; for this is the only gift in life that God has blessed me to give; my rabid thoughts are translated on pen with intent to pry droopy eyes open and ignite a flame for people to seek better ends.

I write to fight another day. I pray that my words help lost Blacks find their way out of the wilderness of racism, poverty and self-hatred so they will no longer allow others to define them; they control their own fate.


DeShuna Spencer
emPower magazine
Liu Karama Productions

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