The tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech on Monday, April 16 has turned our attention away from race and reminded us that America is not just black and white, and that tragedy is colorblind. We are made up of some many different  hues. We have many cultural backgrounds and worship anyway that we please. Anyone who takes the time to read the partial list of victims will see a group of individuals of all races and ages who all feel victim to a mentally disturbed person. Every victim, whether or not they were U.S. citizens, were all living or working to obtain the American Dream that everyone yearns to have in this country. And we all know that education is the path to achieving it.

The murderous act was senseless. Thirty-three innocent people, who had so much to give to the world, had their times cut short from a crazed gunman. Their American Dreams were ceased with his bullets. Their stories ended with bloodshed. All we have left with are questions of why and how this could happen.

Through this tragedy, I believe we all can begin to reverse some of our cultural indifferences and see people beyond their color. I challenge you to spend some time reading about the lives of the Virginia Tech shooting victims. They may be of different races and originate from different parts of the U.S. and the world, but we mourn for all of them the same.

DeShuna Spencer
emPower magazine
Liu Karama Productions

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