I was interviewed for an article by The Washington Informer about my new business venture, kweliTV, being chosen to receive free marketing services from young professionals in the DC area during MLK Holiday service project. Check it out:

DeShuna Spencer shared Adofo’s sentiments. Spencer, a journalist and filmmaker, visited Sankofa in the hopes of developing a marketing strategy that would help her launch kweliTV, a live streaming network that features independent films, documentaries, and educational programming for people of the African diaspora. She recently received a grant of $20,000 to help her get the project ready by the fall.

“Kweli means ‘truth’ in Swahili,” Spencer said. “I was frustrated with the images of black people I saw in America and Africa. When it comes to television, you don’t really get a true picture of the people of the diaspora. The content in the media, whether it’s a popular streaming service or television network, doesn’t uplift someone like me. I would really like to support independent filmmakers and host original content that would educate members of our community,” said Spencer, an Alexandria, Va. resident. Read the entire Washington Informer article.

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