Last week, I met a warrior, her name is Bershan Shaw, star of OWN’s new series, Love In The City, and two-time breast cancer survivor. At the age of 33, Shaw was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. After undergoing radiation. She went into remission. Two years later, the cancer returned as Stage 4. Her doctor gave her three months to live. It was devastating news for Shaw, who was scheduled to marry two weeks later. After rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and other treatment, she’s been cancer free for five years and is now using her second chance to empower others through her new book, URAWARRIOR; website, and her new show on Oprah Winfrey’s network. Shaw doesn’t want to call herself a reality show star, especially since she does not watch them herself. Rather, she likes to be referred to as a “docuseries” personality. Because, as she puts it, Love In The City is not the typical unscripted drama.

In this episode of First Person, Shaw shares the initial pain she endured when given a few months to live, how she overcame her pain to fight cancer and how she’s using her various platforms to inspire others who endure similar life challenging situations.

First Person is emPower magazine’s bi-weekly web series that takes an intimate, personal look at leaders, socially-conscious celebrities, and community activists about their success, community work and philosophy on life.

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