From midnight to dawn, on October 12th men and women gather in Bahia, Brazil with tambourines, traditional songs, and fervent prayers to celebrate Brazil’s patron saint, Our Lady Aparecida. Robust with passed-down tales from the 19th century, the short documentary “Escravos E Santos (Of Slaves and Saints)” illustrates the connection between Brazilian spirituality and slavery through rare interviews: “Why do we pray to Our Lady?” Well just look at her skin color. She’s black, like us! She was a slave too.”

This rare film is one of over 250+ titles available on a new video streaming platform, Kweli.TV. Since it’s beta launch in Summer 2015, the platform offers films, documentaries, web shows, and more dedicated to the untold stories of the African Diaspora.

“It’s 4 billion of us worldwide and we should be looking globally to make change,” said CEO of Kweli.TV, DeShuna Spencer. “I see kweli.TV as a place to converse among each other and create change.” Read the entire article.

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