Digital media entrepreneur DeShuna Spencer says she launched her tech startup, kweliTV, because she was frustrated with what she saw as a the lack of diversity in film and television and the few choices of content that focused on issues important to her as a black woman.

“And some of the shows that do feature black women portray us as loud, violent and ghetto and that did not represent the beautiful black women that I’m blessed enough to call my friends,” Spencer said. “I think it’s important that the media properly represents the many facets of black people.”

The name “kweli” means “truth” in Swahili. True presentation is important to Spencer. “That is my main mission, she said. “If we change the way little black girls and boys see themselves in the media, we have succeeded. If we begin a national dialogue on racial inequality that results in legislative action, we have succeeded. If we are able to create content that causes families to save more, eat healthier and live their best lives, we have succeeded.” Read the entire article.

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